Could not write file because disk may be full

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I receive the following error:

Error: Could not write file. Disk may be full.


Windows* 9x / ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP


This error generally happens for one of the following reasons:

  1. The destination directory is out of disk space.
  2. The user does not have rights to that directory.
  3. A directory is referenced instead of a file in an Install File or Copy Local File action.


The corresponding solutions are outlined below:

  1. Include the Check Free Disk Space action before the first Install Files or Copy Local Files script action. By default, the Check Free Disk Space action will check available space in the paths specified by the Install Files actions. To check for available space when using the Copy Local Files action, you must populate the Disk Variable and Extra Space fields in the Reserve Space area of the Check Disk Space Settings dialog.

    To learn more about the Check Disk Space Settings dialog, press F1 while the dialog is open or see the topic Check Disk Space in the Online Reference guide available from the Help menu.

    For this action to work properly, the size of the files must be able to be determined at compile time. If there is insufficient space available for the installation to complete, a message is displayed that informs the user that they do not have enough space for the installation to complete.
  2. Use the Check Configuration action to ensure the user has NT Administrative rights on the destination computer. Also, confirm that the user has write access to the folder where files are being installed.
  3. Ensure that the Install Files and Copy Local Files actions' destination and source file types match (that is, the destination is a directory when your source is a directory or the destination is a file when your source is a file).

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