KNOWN ISSUE: Task Automation Action fields are blank

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When attempting to add an Automated Action to Edit an Incident or to create a new incident, the drop-down lists are empty.


The alogs are showing


Helpdesk 6.0.297
Notification Server 6.0.6074


Not getting access to webservice.asmx.


Here are steps to troubleshoot the issue and can resolve the issue :
  1. Check what permissions your users have that are seeing the blank fields in regards to Helpdesk. You will check Helpdesk Privileges and Incident Privileges. 
  2. Make sure the users are workers in Helpdesk.
  3. Login as the Application Identity and see if the Application Identity has the same results with the Automated Actions.
  4. Follow these steps to add a registry key string:
    1. Open the registry key HKLM\Software\Altiris\eXpress\Helpdesk Package.\
    2. Create or edit the following strings with these values: 

      AeXHDWebService = http://localhost/AeXHD/webservice.asmx 
      example http://localhost/AeXHD/webservice.asmx 

  5. Check access to the webservice.asmx page for Application Identity and other users. Example of URL to access it: /aexhd/webservice.asmx">http://<server_name>/aexhd/webservice.asmx
  6. Double check to make sure that their are two different DNS names resolving to the IP address of the server.
  7. Back up AeXHD folder if you do not use custom.config. To determine if you are using a custom.config file use article 32822.
  8. After backing up, or if you are using the custom.config, run a repair on Alert Manager. To run a repair, see article 34275.
  9. Add your application identity as a work and then try to create an automated task.
  10. Use the Make Incident Tool and test connectivity to the webservice.asmx page. There is a ZIP file has the Make Incident tool and the instructions on how to use the tool (Make Incidents Users Guide.doc). Click on the link to the right to download this file.

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