A 16-bit Wise Script created with Wise Installation System 9 and then compiled in Wise installation Studio 7 gives a CRC check error

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When I attempt to install an .exe that was created using WiseScript, I get the following error message:

Could not initialize installation (CRC).

The script was originally created in Wise Installation System 9.  I am now attempting to compile this and other WiseScripts with the WiseScript Package Editor in Wise Installation Studio 7.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Create script in Wise Installation System 9.
  2. In Installation Expert > Build Details > Build Settings > Destination Platform, select Windows 3.1x, 95 and NT(Win16/Win32).
  3. Remove the path to the Custom Progress Bar .dll on the Progress bar page in Installation expert.
  4. Compile and save.
  5. Open Script in WiseScript Package Editor (Wise Installation Studio or Package Studio).
  6. Compile and save.
  7. Launch the .exe. A CRC error message appears.


Wise Installation Studio 7
Wise Package Studio 7.x


The script was originally created to run on a Windows 3.1x, 95, and NT (Win16/Win32) computer.

The WiseScript Package Editor tool in Wise Package Studio 7.x and Wise Installation Studio 7 does not support 16-bit.


This issue is occurring as a result of the removal of the 16-bit script actions for the Wise Installation System 7.0 release. This code will not be returned to the product so this issue will remain. Use the workarounds below:

Resolving the CRC Error

  1. If you still have Wise Installation System 9.02 installed on another computer, open your script.
  2. Under Installation Expert > Build Options > Build Settings > Destination Platform, select Windows 95 and NT (True Win32).
  3. Compile and save.

If Wise Installation System 9 Is not Installed

  1. Open the .wse in Notepad*.
  2. Locate the Windows Flags (generally the ninth option down).
  3. Change the sixth place from the left to a 1 (see the attached picture).
  4. Save the changes to your .wse.
  5. Open the .wse in WiseScript Package Editor and compile.


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