Network Discovery creates computer with a "name.domain" ResourceKey that only has the computer name

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Whilst trying to implement the Duplicate GUID diagnostic tools in article 3848, after import the XML, accessing the "Possible Duplicate GUIDs" collection or running the "GUIDs shared between 2 or more computers" report.

Loading the collection caused the following error:

Mar 16 09:36:41

SqlException. The '.Net SqlClient Data Provider' has received a severity 16, state 5 error number 536 on line 7 of procedure '' on server ''. Error Message: 'Invalid length parameter passed to the SUBSTRING function.'SqlException. The '.Net SqlClient Data Provider' has received a severity 0, state 0 error number 3621 on line 7 of procedure '' on server ''. Error Message: 'The statement has been terminated.' Original SqlCommand text: >>> set nocount on declare @now datetime set @now = getdate() create table [##db752372c4be4e97862be675df236293](ResourceGuid uniqueidentifier) /* Put in the static resources */ INSERT INTO [##db752372c4be4e97862be675df236293](ResourceGuid) ( SELECT ResourceGuid FROM CollectionIncludeResource WHERE CollectionGuid = @collectionGuid UNION SELECT ResourceGuid FROM CollectionMembership cm JOIN CollectionIncludeCollection cic ON cm.CollectionGuid = cic.SubCollectionGuid WHERE cic.CollectionGuid = @collectionGuid ) UNION SELECT w.Guid AS ResourceGuid FROM vResource w WHERE (([w].[Guid] in (select Guid from (select ResourceGuid as [Guid], count(distinct left(keyvalue,charindex('.',keyvalue)-1)) as [Count] from ResourceKeyChanged join vComputerResource on Guid = ResourceGuid where ChangeTime > getdate() - 7 and KeyName = 'name.domain' group by ResourceGuid having count(distinct left(keyvalue,charindex('.',keyvalue)-1)) > 2) tab))) /* remove excluded resources */ DELETE FROM [##db752372c4be4e97862be675df236293] WHERE ResourceGuid IN ( SELECT ResourceGuid FROM CollectionExcludeResource WHERE CollectionGuid = @collectionGuid ) /* remove excluded collections */ DELETE FROM [##db752372c4be4e97862be675df236293] WHERE ResourceGuid IN ( SELECT cm.ResourceGuid FROM CollectionMembership cm JOIN CollectionExcludeCollection ec ON cm.CollectionGuid = ec.SubCollectionGuid WHERE ec.CollectionGuid=@collectionGuid ) set nocount off select @now <<< Parameters: Name: '@collectionGuid' Value: 'e2e99514-ca67-45b2-b982-1d4a3c28f5c7' Stack Trace: at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior cmdBehavior, RunBehavior runBehavior, Boolean returnStream) at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteScalar() at Altiris.NS.StandardItems.Collection.BaseCollection.UpdateMembership()


Notification Server 6.0 SP3
Network Discovery 6.0


UNIX systems do not have a domain name that can be retrieved as it exist in the Windows world.

As such the key pair "name.domain" cannot be created by the Network Discovery process and only the computer name is used when create the ResourceKey.


There is no resolution or workaround at this time. Symantec is working towards a resolution and will update this article when a resolution is reached. Subscribe to this article if you would like to receive any updates.

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