Q220011D for VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) 5.0.220

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Q220011D for VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) 5.0.220


The information in this TechNote applies to:
· VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) SRM 5.0 Standard Edition (build 220)
· VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) SRM 5.0 Active Directory Edition (build 220)
This QFE includes the fixes for a number of reported problems.
1. Avoid problems with concurrent renames on the same file
2. File attributes revert to original setting when the file is overwritten
3. A CHKDSK occurred during cluster failover when the StorageCentral driver QAFilter.sys verifies managed objects.
4. Intermittent crash during a volume remount
5. Intermittent lockout during a mount
6. Memory leak if driver is disabled
7. Intermittent system crash during a device remount

Note: Installing this QFE will require a reboot.

Steps to install the software update for Standard and Active Directory Editions:

Interactive Installation:

            1. Shut down the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
2. Run QFE220011d.exe
3. Follow installation wizard
4. Reboot the system

Silent Installation:

1. Create batch file with following command: QFE220011d.exe /s /v"/qn REBOOT="ReallySuppress""
2. Run the batch file

Files Updated:

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Q220011D_261507.exe (3.3 MBytes)

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