Does VERITAS Volume Replicator (VVR) do bandwidth throttling?

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Does VERITAS Volume Replicator (VVR) do bandwidth throttling?


Prior to version 4.1, VVR did not do bandwidth throttling.  It tried to use all of the available bandwidth.

There is a new feature in 4.1 that will allow for bandwidth throttling.  The bandwidth throttling feature gives the ability to control the maximum network bandwidth used by VVR on a per-RLINK basis.  The new rlink attribute is called bandwidth_limit.

To set this attribute, the following command can be used:

# vradmin -g <diskgroup> set <rvg> <secondary> bandwidth_limit={<value> | none}

There is no need to specify the secondary host if there is only one.  The above command will change the bandwidth_limit on both the primary and secondary rlinks.

The vxedit command can be used to set the bandwidth, but the secondary rlink attribute will remain unchanged.

# vxedit -g <diskgroup> set bandwidth_limit=<value> <rlink>

The bandwidth throttling value for a Replicated Data Set can be viewed with vradmin repstatus or vxprint -Pl.

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