Inventory Solution 6.1 Hotfix 1

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What's new with Inventory Solution 6.1 Hotfix 1?


Hotfix 1 for Inventory Solution 6.1.1044 (GA) is attached to the right.


Release Notes

Altiris Inventory Solution 6.1 Hotfix 1

March 26, 2007


Section 1—Overview

Section 2—Items Fixed for Hotfix 1

Section 3—Things to Know for Hotfix 1

1.1—Document Purpose

This document outlines the items fixed and notes for the 6.1 Hotfix 1 release of Inventory Solution 6.1.

1.2 – Background

Inventory Solution is Altiris’ flagship Asset management product. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Altiris Notification Server.


2.1—Now updates out-of-date files AeXBasicInventory.dll, SNData.exe, SNForm.txt, and CPUSpeedini.ini

2.2—AeX HW ActiveTcpUdpPorts unsplit to correct database deadlocking issues

2.3—Duplicate rows removed from AeX HW ActiveTcpUdpPorts 

2.4—Support for retaining tasks cloned in the 6.0.139 installer: A batch file (DisplayClonedTasks.bat) had been created to support this. This is now included in the hotfix itself. 

2.5—InvBasicInventoryItem was saving an Item every time a piece of inventory is processed; this no longer happens.

2.6—WMI query failing on some systems through any external application when Inventory Solution has gathered Inventory. This has been fixed in MachInv.exe.

2.7—Licensing count is now accurately returned for managed computers.

2.8—Inventory Solution 6.1 failed to install on French server. This has been fixed.  

2.9—Modifications have been made to the AeXExchPls.exe to handle the crash when it failed to connect to Exchange Server successfully.

2.10—Now restores cloned tasks from 6.0 that were hidden during 6.1 install.

2.11—Normalization is removed for the AeX HW ActiveTcpUdpPorts dataclass due to performance problems

Note: If Hotfix 1 removes normalization from the AeX HW ActiveTcpUdpPorts dataclass during install, the dataclass will not revert back to a normalized dataclass when the Hotfix is uninstalled. After the Hotfix is uninstalled, you can normalize this dataclass from the Normalization Configuration page if desired.

2.12—Optimizations have been added to NSE loading.


3.1—Shortcuts made to custom tasks in 6.0 will not be updated to 6.1 by the hotfix.

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