KNOWN ISSUE: Task Server collection "With Task Server Installed" does not update

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The installation of Task Server includes a collection named "With Task Server Installed" that is the default collection used for the Uninstallation Policy of the Task Server. 

This collection can be found in the Notification Server by selecting the Configuration tab > Configuration > Server Settings > Notification Server Infrastructure > Task Server > Task Server Uninstall.

The list of computers listed in this collection is not updated to reflect computers that have had the Task Server components uinstalled.


Notification Server 6.x
Task Server


When a Task Server is installed, an entry is added to the Altiris database in a table named "ClientTaskServers". When the uninstallation of Task Server is initiated on a server, there is no method used by the uninstall to update this table. Therefore, even though there are no Task Server components installed on the server, this collection will continue to reflect that there is.

Many of the Altiris solutions have purging maintenance schedules or other methods that are used to update collection membership information after solutions have been uninstalled. At this time, none of the existing methods used by other Altiris solutions are used to update this collection. As a result, the results of this collection can be misleading.

In a few minor cases, customers have reported scenarios where the Notification Server log files contain multiple references to the Task Server attempting to send configuration information to Task Servers that have had the uninstall policy run against them and are no longer task servers. This is a result of the "ClientTaskServers" table never being updated to reflect that the servers are no longer actually task servers.


As a temporary workaround, you should create a new collection named "With Task Server Installed—Updated" that uses the following SQL:

select Guid
from vResource vr
join Inv_AeX_AC_NT_Services services on services._ResourceGuid = vr.Guid
where = 'atrshost'
and services.version != ''  

An updated collection using the SQL above has been attached to this article and can be imported into your Notification Server.

Customers can then change the uninstall policy for Task Server to use this new collection instead of the out of box collection. This issue is currently scheduled to be corrected in Task Server 7.

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