KNOWN ISSUE: Microsoft Compliance and Vulnerability report issues in Patch Management Solution 6.2 SP2

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When attempting to run Microsoft Compliance and Vulnerability reports, the following issues can be encountered:
  • Can receive SQL timeout errors.
  • Console can lock up or become unusable for several minutes (eventually rendering results).
  • Report can render in a timely manner but is not displaying all expected data (missing computers or bulletins).


Notification Server 6.0 SP3
Patch Management Solution 6.2


The SQL used to render the reports is out of date.


New SQL is now available for all three non-details Compliance and Vulnerability Reports. Repeat this step for each respective stored procedure available below:

  • Open SQL Query Analyzer* and execute the new stored procedure spPMWindows_ComplianceByBulletin against your Altiris database. This will update the SQL used to render default Compliance and Vulnerability Reports.

These reports should now render much quicker and with all expected results.

Download the updated stored procs attached to the KB.

    Note: You may need to restart the Altiris Services once these scripts are ran.


Small differences in the counts were found when running the spPMWindows_ComplianceByBulletin.sql stored procedure with and without the two DISTINCT lines (validated via in house testing as well as from customer), and that the results were better when this SP didn’t have the DISTINCT lines. 

The original design of the “C&V by Bulletin” report showed a count of computers vulnerable to the bulletin, not taking into account the that there may be multiple updates for each bulletin.  After applying the Stored Procedures in KB34527, the report will show a count of the Updates. This was modified to help keep continuity in the report numbers and because it was felt that this was the better way to display the count.

KB46144 "Combined fixes for known Patch Report Discrepencies, Dashboard issues etc" also includes this fix and several more.

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