Program Compatibility Assistant appears when running an .exe with prerequisites on Vista from a network location

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  1. In Windows Installer Editor, create a new .wsi.
  2. Add one file to the Files page.
  3. Select Single-File .EXE on the Build Options page.
  4. On the Prerequisites page, click Add > Prerequisite and specify C:\Windows\Notepad.exe in the File path field.
  5. Compile.
  6. On a Vista* computer with UAC turned on, run the compiled .exe over the network either using a mapped drive or UNC path. The Program Compatibility Assistant appears indicating "This program might not have installed correctly."

This does not occur if you run the .exe locally or if UAC is turned off.


Windows Vista
Wise Package Studio 7.0 SP2
Wise Installation Studio 7.0


It appears to occur due to the line:

Execute %STUBFILEPATH% /awm "%INIFILEPATH%" (Wait)


This issue has been fixed in Wise Installation Studio/Express 7 SP1.  The fix for this issue will also be included with the next release of Wise Package Studio.

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