Hotfix 20: Environment variables are not allowed for partial snapshot

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Environment variables in excludes exceptions are not allowed for partial snapshot.


Recovery Solution 6.2.2332


Percent (%) symbols are improperly handled in the Recovery Solution Agent policy. The Altiris console counts percent (%)symbols as invalid path characters.


Note: This hotfix is a cumulative hotfix for Recovery Solution 6.2.2332. This hotfix includes Hotfix 7Hotfix 8, and Hotfix 11.

The resolution is in the form of Altiris.RecoverySolution.dll and VolAgent.dll. They are attached to the right as and

Altiris.RecoverySolution.dll needs to be replaced on the Notification Server and VolAgent.dll needs to be replaced on the client machine.


  1. The assembly file Altiris.RecoverySolution.dll needs to be updated in the GAC at C:\Windows\Assembly\GAC\Altiris.RecoverySolution folder. In the Windows Explorer:
    1. Open C:\Windows\Assembly folder; the view will change to GAC assemblies view.
    2. Locate Altiris.RecoverySolution there.
    3. Stop the Altiris Service and IISAdmin service.
    4. Delete the Altiris.RecoverySolution assembly and then drag and drop the new Altiris.RecoverySolution.dll into the GAC.

      Note: Usually FAR Manager is used to replace libraries in the GAC, as it shows the GAC folder in normal format. That is, the C:\Windows\Assembly\GAC\Altiris.RecoverySolution folder can be opened, and assembly files can be replaced, just like an ordinary file.
  2. The assembly file Altiris.RecoverySolution.UI.dll needs to be updated in the %Program Files%\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Console\Bin folder.
  3. ExecutingPolicyPage.aspx needs to be updated in the %Program Files%\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Console\Bin folder.


  1. Stop the Recovery Solution Agent service on the client computer.
  2. Browse to %Program Files%\Altiris\eXpress\Client Recovery Agent.
  3. Replace the old VolAgent.dll with the new VolAgent.dll.
  4. Restart the Recovery Solution Agent service on the client computer.

The VolAgent.dll needs to be updated to the The needs to be updated so that new Recovery Agent installations will have the hotfix. It can be modified using ASPack.exe utility. More about ASPack.exe is available in article 24583.

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