KNOWN ISSUE: GetJob fails if security is enabled in the Deployment Server

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The method GetJob in the JobManagementServer fails if security is enabled within the Deployment Server console.


Notification Server 6.x
Deployment Solution 6.8
Administrator Software Development Kit 1.4


The cause is unknown at this time.


A partial fix is now available to this issue. The two components need to be removed:

  • Altiris ASDK Deployment Solution COM
  • Altiris ASDK Deployment Solution Server

This can be done through the Windows Add/Remove programs. The attached rar file (ASDK_DS.rar) contains an updated version of the Deployment Solution COM and Server components. The file needs to be downloaded and unzipped, any location is fine.

Once unzipped there should be two MSI files

  • Altiris_ASDK_DS_COM.msi
  • Altiris_ASDK_DS_Server.msi

These are installation MSI's for the Deployment Solution components. They simply need to be run on the system being used for ASDK development. If using CSharp for developing ASDK applications, after the components have been installed, the proxy classes must be updated. Please refer to the ASDK documentation section "Creating and Using Proxy Classes".

The Deployment Solution proxy classes are the following:

  • ComputerManagementService.asmx
  • FolderManagementService.asmx
  • GroupManagementService.asmx
  • JobManagementService.asmx
  • ScheduleManagementService.asmx

When the proxy classes have been rebuilt any project using them must be updated with the new proxy class files and rebuilt.

As previously mentioned, this is only a partial fix at this time. The authentication goes through correctly if using a DS user account but this still does not work when using an AD imported account. A DS user account must be used to work with this function. This is a temporary situation. The development team is still working on the AD account authentication and the KB will be updated as new information is acquired.


It would be preferrable to use a DS user account at this time but if this is absolutely not possible, then the DS dll AxDsDm.dll could be used directly to try and skirt around the issue. Although doable this is not ideal and does require a significant amount of work.

Currently working on getting an ETA on this issue. Will post when that information has been provided.

In the mean time it is possible to obtain information in the following fashion using the Deployment Server DLL (AxDsDm.dll) directly. This DLL can be copied from the "%ProgramFiles%\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server" folder and put into a project as a reference.

Here is some code that should illustrate one possible approach to using the DS DLL directly.

using Altiris.ASDK.DS.DataSets;
using Altiris.DSSDK;


   System.Data.DataSet myData = new System.Data.DataSet();
   Altiris.DSSDK.Schedule mySchedule = new Altiris.DSSDK.Schedule();
   Altiris.DSSDK.Job jobInfo = new Altiris.DSSDK.Job();

   bool success = jobInfo.Authenticate("user", "password", "domain");
   if (!success)
    // The domain account failed, let's try the DS account
    success = jobInfo.Authenticate("dsUser", "dsUserPassword");
    if (!success)
     // No login worked, return an error.
     Console.WriteLine("Could not log in with the supplied credentials. Terminating\n\r");

   // Get the schedule data.
   myData = jobInfo.GetSchedules(jobID[0]);
   // Retrieve the data in the XML format.
   string myString = myData.GetXml();

   myData = jobInfo.GetJobInfo(jobID[0]);
   myString = myData.GetXml();

   // Do the string manipluation, i.e. modify the XML here.


ASDK_DS.rar (1.1 MBytes)

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