Wise Installation Studio/Express 7.x Hotfix Summary

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Where can I find a list of hotfixes that were created for Wise Installation Studio/Express 7.x?


Wise Installation Studio 7.0 SP1

The following hotfixes were created for Wise Installation Studio 7.0 SP1. They cannot be applied to versions prior to WIS 7.0 SP1.

Hotfix 1: Parameters are deleted from Parse String actions in Dialog Script Editor (article 40256)

Hotfix 2: Japanese text controls that contain null characters do not appear .wsi (article 40310)

Hotfix 3: WiseScript: wise32.exe crashes when compiling a script that defines more than 279 variables through custom actions (article 40564)

Hotfix 4: Unable to retrieve merge modules, runtimes, and redistributables (article 39986)

Wise Installation Studio 7.0

The issues listed below have been corrected with the release of Wise Installation Studio 7.0 SP1. To obtain the fix for all of the issues below, install the latest Service Pack of Wise Installation Studio.

Hotfix 1: Windows Installer Editor: Fatal error occurs when running Web applications on Windows* 2003 with the Web dialogs enabled (article 32745)

Hotfix 2:

  1. Call Custom DLL action added to merge module becomes corrupt (artile 33095)
  2. Failed to open document error message when opening a package containing a UTF8 code page (article 33336

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