Duplicate entries in the Gauge Summaries Dashboard

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When viewing the "Gauge State Summary" for a Monitoring Policy, duplicate entries exist for the same resource.

Other symptoms may include poor performance on the Notification Server, or errors when viewing the "Reports" tab in the Altiris Console.


Site Monitor 6.0


Duplicate entries occur when more than one Site Monitor Agent has been rolled out and two or more of these agents are polling the same data. This is indicated by there being multiple "Reporter Name" hosts listed in the Gauge State Summary.

This scenario is typically caused by the misconception that all the target resources need to have the Site Monitor Agent installed. Site Monitor is an "agentless" solution. Only one Site Monitor Agent needs to exist in order to poll and report data to the Notification Server.


  1. Uninstall any erroneous Site Monitor Agents1. Do one of the following:
    1. Either manually remove Altiris Site Monitor Agent from Add or Remove Programs on the target computers.
    2. Create a computer collection which includes all computers with the Site Monitor Agent installed but excludes your Notification Server. Configure the "Site Monitor Agent Uninstall" policy to apply to this collection and enable it.

      By default, the "Site Monitor Agent Install" rollout policy applies to the "All Notification Servers Without Site Monitor Agent" collection. Recommended configuration for your Altiris infrastructure is 1 Site Monitor Agent per Site.
  2. Remove all excess data from the database. Remove all data from the Site Monitor tables by running the following two SQL queries on your Notification Server database:
    • TRUNCATE TABLE GaugeState
    • TRUNCATE TABLE GaugeStateHistory

      Truncating the tables is the easiest way to clean up the excess data. While the Site Monitor Agent polls, it will populate the tables with current data.

1. Ensure that the "Site Monitor Agent Install" rollout policy is disabled before uninstalling agents.

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