KNOWN ISSUE: The Altiris agent fails to restart after user logon

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The Altiris agent will cease to operate on client computer, usually after the user logs on.  If the agent icon is enabled, it will briefly appear in the system tray. Any attempts to restart the agent fail and there are no errors in the agent.log files.


NS Agent
Inventory Solution Agent 6.1.1075
Application Metering Agent 6.1.31

Application Metering Solution Configuration > Inventory Solution Integration set to any of these options below:
  • Client based Inventory Solution
  • Standalone
  • Alternate AuditPls.ini file


Inventory Solution and Application Metering utilize the auditpls.ini file to customize the client data such as Application Name or Manufacturer name. Inventory Solution is not affected by the size of the INI file, however the Application Metering Agent has a size limitation. The metering agent will crash if the auditpls.ini is over 1 MB (related to the number of changes contained in the auditpls.ini).


This issue will be fixed in a future release of Application Metering. To temporarily restore the Altiris agent to working status, the auditpls.ini file in use by the clients will need to be replaced. The steps below is one way to workaround this issue.

First, the auditpls.ini file deployed by NS will need to be replaced. The file in use by the agent depends on the Inventory Integration setting on the Application Metering Solution Configuration page. KB article 35848 provides exact details on which file is used for each integration setting. For example, if you are using the "Client based Inventory solution" setting, then change the auditpls.ini file located on the Notification Server in ..\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\Inventory Solution folder. A possible file to use as a replacement is the default auditpls.ini file (112 KB) and is attached to this article.

Next, remove the auditpls.ini that is used by the Application Metering agent on the client(s). The default location is: 
C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Software Delivery\{413C69D4-238D-4ED2-8B12-503956A673A1\cache.

Once the auditpls.ini file has been removed, the Altiris agent will retrieve the auditpls file from the first step when it updates the configuration.

NOTE: If you require 'Known As' overrides for Inventory Solution and Application Metering integration, modify the auditpls.ini file to only contain overrides for applications that contain monitor policies. This smaller file should be located on the NS and set within 'Alternate AuditPls.ini' location in the Application Metering Solution Configuration page.

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