Cannot apply DS Hotfix because remote systems cannot authenticate

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When trying to install a hotfix to Deployment Server 6.5, the installation wizard will ask you to authenticate to all remote systems that contain any component of the Deployment Server, such as remote DS Win32 consoles, or remote PXE servers. If the hotfix wizard cannot authenticate to all of these remote systems, the installation will fail.

Many times, however, remote consoles or other components are installed, and then those systems are removed from the network, or are not currently accessible (such as they have been powered off, or disconnected). This will cause the installation of the hotfix to fail.

How can the hotfix still be installed on the Deployment Server despite these remote systems being inaccessible?


Deployment Solution 6.5 Hotfix 1


The Deployment server keeps track of all remote components so that, in the case of an upgrade, those components can be updated as well. This will keep all parts of the system to be the same product version. The Deployment Server stores all of this information in the following file: C:\Program File\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\default.cfg.


Open up the following file with a text editor (such as Notepad or Wordpad) on your Deployment Server: C:\Program File\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\default.cfg.

Search for the section that is proceeded with [eXpressConsoles]. Below that tag you will see a list of IP addresses and computer names. These are all of the machines that the Deployment Server knows that have a remote console installed on them. If you remove the line containing one of those computer names, the Deployment Server will not attempt to authenticate to that machine. You also might need to look at the section after [PXEServers] if you are not able to authenticate into your remote PXE servers for the same reason, and remove any of those computers from that list as well.

Once any trouble computers are removed from that file, and the file is saved, you should be able to proceed with the hotfix without any remote authentication issues. If any of those machines that were removed from that file later are connected to the network are used with the Deployment Server, it is recommended to update those components again later when they are connected.

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