Restoring files from one OS to another with NetBackup is not supported

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When restoring files from one operating system(OS) to another, the data validity cannot be guaranteed.

For example:
Restoring files from Windows NT backup to UNIX Filesystems.
Restoring from Windows to Linux.
Restoring from Linux to Solaris.



VERITAS NetBackup (tm) will allow the restore of data from a supported Windows (Fat32/NTFS) filesystem to a supported UNIX (ufs, xfs, efs, ext2, ext3, etc) filesystem.  However, due to the major differences between Windows filesystem and UNIX, the data of binary files will not be translated properly when the restore completes.  This also applies to restores from UNIX base filesystem to Windows Servers.

VERITAS Technical Services does not guarantee filesystem compatibility when trying to restore files to a different filesystem type than the original. VERITAS Technical Services highly recommends against restoring Windows files to a UNIX filesystem in a production environment. This procedure is known not to work, and therefore is not supported.


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