Policy "System Has Not Reported for 'N' Days" contains misinformation

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"System Has Not Reported for 'N' Days" Notification Policy contains incorrect server information. This alert contains servers that are not down and servers where the Monitor Solution Agent is functioning properly.


Monitor Solution 6.0


The "System Has Not Reported for 'N' Days" Notification Policy operates off of the "AeXSMPerfLog" table where Monitor Solution Agent data is initially uploaded to the Notification Server. This data is sent as a Notification Server Event (NSE) which relies on the NS Event queue to be accessible and able to process the event in a timely manner.

If the NS Event queue is either not available or is overwhelmed with other events, the Monitor Solution Agent's data may not be processed in a timely manner. If there are Monitor Solution Agent Events waiting in the queue when the "System Has Not Reported for 'N' Days" Notification Policy has executed, it may contain servers these Events are from causing misleading information.


If this Notification Policy contains misinformation, ensure that your Notification Server is accessible by running a simple test:
  1. On any computer with the Altiris Agent installed, right-click the Agent icon in the task tray and choose Altiris Agent Details.
  2. Click Send Basic Inventory and watch for the Basic Inventory Last Sent time stamp to be updated
  3. If the time stamp does not get updated, then either the Notification Server is not accessible, or there is an issue with the Notification Server unable to process events.

If the time stamp does get updated, but takes a while to do so, then the NS Event queue may be overwhelmed.

  1. On your Notification Server, browse to the following folder <Altiris install path>\Notification Server\NSCap.
  2. Check each of the EvtQ folders to see how many files they contain.
  3. If any of these Event Queue folders contain hundreds or thousands of events on a regular basis, contact Altiris Support Services to assist in resolving the excessive amount of events.

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