Wise Script is unable to Read/Get Registry value on 64 bit OS

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Wise Script is unable to retrieve information from a 64 bit registry key. 


WiseScript was originally designed to read from 32-bit registry entries only.  It does not know where to determine the regedit.exe is in a 64-bit environment.


When a 32 bit installation is installed on a 64 bit machine some keys will go to a 32-bit regedit.  You can see the keys by going to C:\Windows\Syswow64\regedit.exe which will open the 32-bit regedit and the keys will appear in the correct location.

If an application is installed as a 64bit app, and you are looking for the standard 32 bit key, Wise script will not find it, because it will be in the Syswow64 bit registry.

Another way to see the key are getting installed is to go to regedit from Start > Run and look under the wow6432node.  For example a registry entry that is as follows:  HKLM\Software\MyApplication\Key1 will be found under HKLM\Software\wow6432Node\MyApplication\Key1

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