'Failed to load library NSServerMetric_6_0.dll' errors

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After installing the "Altiris Monitor Solution for Altiris Infrastructure" and rolling out the "Notification Server Monitor Metric" to your Notification Server(s), you receive the following errors in the a.logs:

Priority: 1
Date: 7/5/2007 10:13:33 AM
Tick Count: 58344421
Host Name: [NS Server Name]
Process: AeXMetricProv.exe (2948)
Thread ID: 3856
Module: AeXMetricProv.exe
Source: MetricProvider
CDllQuery::GenerateQuery Error: failed to load library NSServerMetric_6_0.dll, Error=126



-Monitor Solution 6.0
-Monitor Solution for Altiris Infrastructure 6.0 (AI Monitor Pack)


Either the "Notification Server Monitor Metric" has not successfully been rolled out, or the "NSServerMetric_6_0.dll" file is not located in the Monitor Agent directory.


On your Notification Server(s), check the following directory for the existance of the "NSServerMetric_6_0.dll" file:

     C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Monitor Agent

If the dll is not located here, then there was a problem with the rollout. Check that the "Notification Server Monitor Metric" rollout policy settings are correct. Also check the Software Delivery details for the "Notification Server Monitor Metric Package" on the Altiris Agent to further diagnose the cause of the failure.

If the dll is located here, then the Monitor Agent is likely installed in a different location. This scenario is typically caused by the Monitor Agent being installed on a different partition than the C:\ drive. The "NSServerMetric_6_0.dll" must be located in the same directory as the Monitor Agent. Because there are no options to specify the target installation path for the "Notification Server Monitor Metric", if the Monitor Agent has been installed to a different location it will not be able to reference the dll.

Copy or move the "NSServerMetric_6_0.dll" file to the location of the "...\Monitor Agent\" folder (ie: D:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Monitor Agent).

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