KNOWN ISSUE: Sequential Tasks loop reboots when the reboot is initiated from the package and not the Software Delivery Program

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Sequential Tasks containing an execution that initiates its own reboot (and does not use the after execution action) cause the system to loop through that task multiple times.

This issue can also occur with a standard Task when a reboot is launched by the installer.


Software Delivery Solution 6.1 SP1+
Notification Server 6.0 SP3


The AeXTaskSynchAgent.dll (Task Synchronization Agent) is unable to update the synchronization.xml file with the execution during the reboot. When the system comes back up, it shows that the execution with the reboot still needs to run and executes it again.

For Standard Tasks, the AeXSWDAgent.dll can also have problems writing out the AeXSWDPolicy.xml file, causing the same type of situation.


Workaround: Suppress any reboots from the actual execution. Use the option under the Program tab for that execution labeled After running: Restart Computer. This will allow the Task Synch Agent to update the synchronization.xml file so that the Task will either end or continue correctly.

While Software Delivery 6.1 SP3 improved the success of this situation, we still see the issue occur.

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