KNOWN ISSUE: Some computer models may not report machine inventory via AClient when in WinPE automation

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Some computer models may not report machine inventory via AClient when in WinPE automation. 


This occurs in Deployment Solution 6.8 SP2.
AClient versions 6.8.282, 6.8.331, 6.8.378

Currently, hardware this issue has been found with is listed below. This list may be added to in time.

HP Compaq DC5700SFF (Model number 0A06h)
Bios Version: 786E2 v01.01 dated 31/08/2006

HP Compaq DC7600

Lenovo T60 (Model Number 1951WQ1)
BIOS Version: 79ETC9WW v2.09 dated 22/12/2006
BIOS Version: 79ET66WW v1.10 dated 02/08/2006
BIOS Version: 79ETD1WW v2.11 dated 15/03/2007

Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad X60s


Incompatibility with lower BIOS versions.


Resolution #1: Update workstation and servers with the lastest BIOS version.  If this resolves the issue DO NOT follow resolution #2.

Downloading and applying the latest BIOS revison for these computers allows inventory to be reported in WinPE.

This issue was fixed for the following computers with the following BIOS revisions.

HP Compaq DC5700SFF             BIOS (786E2 BIOS) VERSION: 2.04 Rev. A
HP Compaq DC7600CMT:          BIOS (786D1 BIOS) VERSION: 1.59 Rev. A
Lenovo T60:                                 Version 79ETD6WW (2.16) Release Date: 2007/07/25
Lenovo X60s                                Version 7BETD1WW (2.12) Release Date: 2007/08/07



Resolution #2: (Only use if Resolution #1 is not successful) Use Aclient build 206 in WinPE automation environment.  Testing has shown that Aclient build 206 works correctly with many of the affected systems.  To implement this fix follow the steps below:


Go to the <INSTALL_DIR>\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Agents\AClient folder and rename 'altiris-aclient-6.8.378.X86.exe' to 'altiris-aclient-6.8.378.X86.old'

5. Save 'altiris-aclient-6.8.206.x86.exe' to the <INSTALL_DIR>\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Agents\AClient.


Run Automation Agent that is contained in the local pre-boot environment: (newer Aclient would be kept on the express share)

1. Update all Aclients in production to the latest build of DS in the environment. E.g. DS 6.8 SP2 build 378

2. Go to the Control Panel on the DS server and open up the 'Altiris Deployment Server' applet.  Click on the 'Transport' tab and uncheck 'Automatically update clients'.

3. Stop the following services - Altiris Deployment Console Manager, Altiris Deployment Server Data Manager, Altiris Deployment Server   DB Management, Altiris eXpress Server.


6. Restart the Deployment Server services in the same order that they were stopped.

7. Locate the approriate WinPE boot image needing changed.  Use the PXE Config utility if PXE is used in the environment to modify the WinPE boot image; use the Boot disk creator if using automation partitions.  (The PXE Config method is the model used below)
8. Right click on the WinPE configuration and select 'Edit Configuration'.

9. Proceed to step 4 of 12.  Under 'Automation Agent Location' select the 'local' radio button.  The Aclient contained in the local WinPE image will now be used instead of the Aclient on the expres share.

10. Complete the configuration process thru step 12. The WinPE image will be rebuilt with AClient build 206 incorporated into the .iso file.

11. Rename 'altiris-aclient-6.8.378.X86.old' to 'altiris-aclient-6.8.378.X86.exe'

12. Rename 'altiris-aclient-6.8.206.X86.exe' to 'altiris-aclient-6.8.206.X86.old'

13. Restart the Deployment Server services in the same order that they were stopped





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