Overview of the Backup Exec for Windows Servers Environment Check.

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Overview of the Backup Exec for Windows Servers Environment Check.


Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers Environment Check is feature of Backup Exec 12.x for Windows Servers which allows to the environment check on media server and remote server. It is recommended to select and run this utility from the installation program before Backup Exec is installed. This utility checks for the following:

  • Minimum requirements for installation
  • Compatible versions of required components
  • Previous versions of Backup Exec and Backup Exec options
  • Operational storage devices and correct drivers
  • Use of Backup Exec ports by third-party software
Symantec recommends running the Environment Check utility on the media server and all remote computers that are to be protected. The Environment Check utility must be run locally and can be run from the installation CD pre-install checker on remote computers that meet operating system requirements for the media server.

The procedure to run this utility is mentioned below:

1. Run Browser.exe present in the CD/media (Figure 1)

Figure 1  

2. Select Launch Backup Exec for Windows Servers Environment Check

3. The Welcome page is displayed (Figure 2)

Figure 2  

4. The final window is displayed (Figure 3), which gives the summary of Computer Environment Checks and Backup Exec Environment Checks

Figure 3  

The results that are reported for each item are:

  • Passed. There are no incompatibilities that will prevent the Backup Exec installation. For hardware, this result indicates that the hardware configuration is recognized by Backup Exec.
  • Warning. An incompatibility with Backup Exec exists, but can be resolved during the Backup Exec installation.
  • Failed. An incompatibility with Backup Exec exists, and it will cause the installation to fail. Some action is required before you can successfully install Backup Exec.

5. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

This utility can also be launched by running VxValidate.exe. from WINNT\INSTALL\VxValidator32 (Figure 4).

Figure 4  

The results are saved in C:\temp\symantec (Figure 5)

Figure 5  

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