Error "Java Plug-in v.x.x.x_xx. is not installed properly" when completing a SetupCapture.

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Error "Java Plug-in v.x.x.x_xx. is not installed properly" when completing a SetupCapture.

Software known to produce this issue:

Java Runtime Environment
ESSBase by hyperion
Mathworks Matlab


Wise Package Studio 6.x to 7 SP2


This is a result of SetupCapture attempting to pull registration information from certain Java Runtime .DLL files.


This has been resolved for Wise Package Studio 7 Sp3. The WiseComCapture won't display the message boxes any longer but keeps track of the message boxes that are displayed for a given file. An item is then added to the task list of the new .WSI for each message box, detailing the file the message came from and the message caption and text. These items are then displayed in the task list when the WSI is opened in WIE.

Additional information about this issue:

Some application installations bundle the Java Runtime installation program together with application itself.  There are also some applications that simple contain files from the Java Runtime.

For the applications that bundle the Java Runtime installation, capturing the entire installation will cause the problem.

The best practice is not to include the Java Runtime together in the same .MSI as the application.  To separate out the two installations, install a recent version of the Java Runtime on the packaging machine before using SetupCapture to capture the application installation.  The Java Runtime is available from Sun ( as a stand alone installation which is already in .MSI format.  The capture will then include only changes made by the installation of the application itself, since Java Runtime existed before the first scan was performed.

If you still receive the error after following the recommendations above, perform the capture again, but disable "Enhanced File and Registry Key Association" feature in SetupCapture Settings for that capture only.

Once the application has been packaged, the Java Runtime should be deployed separately before deploying the application to end-users.

For the applications that just contain Java Runtime files, you cannot split the resources apart as you can in the other scenario.

In this case, you should perform the capture again, but disable "Enhanced File and Registry Key Association" feature in SetupCapture Settings for that capture.

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