KNOWN ISSUE: ICA32Pkg.msi is not recognized as a valid MSI file by InstallTailor (UTF8)

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Steps to reproduce:
  1. Open InstallTailor.
  2. Browse to ICA32Pkg.msi.

An error is received:

Failed to open the file "<pathtoICA32PKG.msi>". Verify that this is a valid windows installer Package or transform that is not in use.


Wise Package Studio 7 SP2
Wise Installation System 7



Manually create a transform .  When InstallTailor creates a transform from an application, it takes the data entered into the dialogs during the installation and populates them in the Property table, then allows you to make changes to the rest of the package in the editor. 

To manually create the transform follow these steps:
1. Selecting File > New > Other Templates > Transform.  This will open the transform template.
2. Go into all the dialog that are displayed when running the installation, and determine which properties are populated during installation and what the values will be.  (See Example below)
3.  Go into Setup Editor > Product tab > Properties table and enter each property you  found with its value.
4.   Complete the Transform by making any additional edits to the template.
5.   Save the transform to a location and name it.

Example: For Ica32Pkg.msi there is a dialog called Server Dialog.6A765B5F 5C6E 4CAD 99C2 BD512C2946EB.  If you open ICA32Pkg.msi and go to Setup Editor > Dialogs tab > All Dialogs, you should see that dialog.  Once it is selected, you will see the dialog appear on the right.  Double click on the open edit field next to Server URL.  In the Property field, you will see the Property SERVER_LOCATION.  That is the property that should be populated in the Property table to ensure that the transform uses that answer when running the application with the transform.

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