All Recovery Solution Reports fail

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All Recovery Solution reports fail with the following error:

SQL error in query. Error: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.Sql CommandText: -- MAX ROWCOUNT SET ROWCOUNT 50000 -- SET DATEFORMAT ymd DECLARE @DateFrom datetime, @DateTo datetime, @DifMin int SET @DifMin = (SELECT DATEDIFF(mi, GETDATE(), GETUTCDATE())) SET @DateFrom = DATEADD(mi, @DifMin, CAST(@param1 AS datetime)) SET @DateTo = DATEADD(mi, @DifMin, CAST(@param2 AS datetime)) EXEC dbo.sp_RS_ClientsHistoryReport @in_ClusterGuid = '6D7A22E0-B9C9-4CBD-B1AA-FECDBC3B6834', @in_ComputerName = '%', @in_DateFrom = @DateFrom, @in_DateTo = @DateTo, @in_Culture = 'en-US'


Recovery Solution 6.2.2106, 6.2.2332, 6.2.2760
Notification Server Database and Recovery Solution Database on separate Microsoft SQL Database Servers


Linked Server Definition between Notification Server Database's Microsoft SQL Server and Recovery Solution Database's Microsoft SQL Server is not created under AeXRSDatabaseUser account.


Re-create Linked Server Definition for AeXRSDatabaseUser with its password:

  1. Use article HOWTO7901 for re-creating Linked Server definition in Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
  2. Use article HOWTO3703 for re-creating Linked Server definition in Microsoft SQL Server 2005.


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