KNOWN ISSUE: Full Windows Installer Repair is not replacing all missing files for Adobe FrameMaker 8

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Application Management's Full Windows Installer Repair is not replacing all missing files for Adobe FrameMaker* 8. For example, if FrameMaker.exe is deleted, the Windows Installer Repair will not replace this file.


Application Management Solution 6.1


One possible workaround is to send a Windows Installer command line repair switch, using Notification Server. Use the following steps below to configure Notification Server to send the command line switch.

Note: A valid source path to the Adobe Framemaker MSI is required before attempting this workaround. 

  1. Locate and record the Product Code for the FrameMaker MSI. This information will be used to write the command line. Click the Reports tab: Software Management > Application Management > Windows Installer Agent > Installed Products - Summary.
  2. With the MSI product code recorded, navigate to the Configuration tab. Expand the folders Solution Settings > Software Management > Application Management > Windows > Windows Installer Agent.
  3. Choose the blue Windows Installer Agent package icon, and perform the following steps to create a new program:
    1. In the right-hand pane, click the Programs tab, then click the New button.
    2. In the Name and Description field, type Adobe FrameMaker Repair.
    3. Select the Command Line field and enter the following command line, substituting the Product Code within the brackets:

      msiexec /f {product code}

    4. Leave the other fields blank, or at their default values. Click Apply.
    5. In the drop-down box, verify that the program Adobe FrameMaker Repair has been saved successfully.
  4. Next, clone the existing Full Windows Installer repair task, renaming it "FrameMaker Repair".
  5. Choose the newly created "FrameMaker Repair" task, perform the following steps to configure the task:
    • In the right-hand pane, click the check box to "Enable" the task.
    • Verify the "Package Name" is "Windows Installer Agent".
    • In the Program field, choose the newly created "Adobe FrameMaker Repair" program from the drop-down box.
    • Select an appropriate collection to run the 'Adobe FrameMaker Repair' program on.

      Note: This program should only be executed on computers with FrameMaker installed, running the program on other computers will result in an Error dialog which is visible to the End-User.
    • Set the schedule to "Run Once ASAP" or, if necessary, choose a time for the task to run.
    • Leave the remaining options at their defaults and click Apply.
  6. The task will run as soon as clients check-in. A complete repair of Adobe FrameMaker will be executed on these computers.

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