KNOWN ISSUE: Cannot create a command-line shortcut that contains only a property

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When I create a command line shortcut in Installation ExpertShortcuts page > Shortcut table > Target column is populated by "[SHORTCUTPATH]". Property table is also populated with this property and the value will be set to the command line entered in Installation Expert, Shortcuts Page.
  1. Create a simple installation with one file (example: test.txt).
  2. Create a command-line shortcut to the folder containing the file (example: [INSTALLDIR]).
  3. Note that in the Shortcut table that the Target column contains [SHORTCUTPATH], and the Property table contains a new property called SHORTCUTPATH with a value of [INSTALLDIR] (which is not valid, since you cannot set a property value in the Property table equal to the value of another property).
  4. Save and compile the installation.

The resulting shortcut created during installation contains no target path. However, if during step 2 you create a shortcut to the file (using [INSTALLDIR]test.txt) the shortcut is correct.


Wise Installation Studio 7 SP1
Wise Package Studio 7 SP2


A property cannot be set to another property in the Properties table.


Remove the SHORTCUTPATH property from the Property table and change the value of the Target column in the Shortcut table to the original value of [INSTALLDIR]. This results in the correct shortcut.

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