How to run Dtrace to help diagnose issues with Enterprise Vault

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Dtrace is a tool used by Symantec to diagnose problems when a service, task, or process fails. Dtrace.exe is a standalone utility that can be copied to any server hosting EV components.  In version 7.0 and higher the dtrace tool has been included in the Administration Console and can be run from the console or from the command line.


Administration Console - 8.0 and higher

The tracing functionality in the Administration Console provides a number of supplied Dtrace scripts that collect tracing information.

1. In the Administration Console, expand the Enterprise Vault site until the Enterprise Vault Servers container is visible.

2. Expand the Enterprise Vault Servers container.

3. Expand the Enterprise Vault server that the trace should be run against.

4. Click the Enterprise Vault server.

5. On the Tools menu, click Advanced Features to enable it.
Note: This setting is not remembered: it applies only to the current session of the Administration Console

6. Press F5 to refresh the view, underneath the server the Traces container is now visible.

7. Right-click Traces and click New and then Trace.

8. The New Trace wizard asks for the following:
a. Which trace category to trace. This is the Enterprise Vault subsystem that in which your problem is likely to be contained. 
b. A title for the trace. If a support call is logged, include the case number in the trace title. This title is used in the listing of traces in the Administration Console and is also included in the trace log file.
c. An optional description of the trace. 
d. The amount of time to run the trace. Trace files can quickly get large, so a few minutes is usually the amount of time to choose.
e. A maximum size for the log file. The trace will stop if the log file reaches this maximum size.
f. Which folder to use to store the log file. 

9. Once the trace is started, the properties can be viewed by double-clicking the trace name in the Administration Console. The option to open or copy the log file is unavailable until the trace is complete..

Command Line - 8.0 and higher

1.  Log on as the Vault Service Account.

2.  Open a Command Prompt window.

3.  Change to the Enterprise Vault program folder (normally C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault).

4.  Type dtrace, and then press Enter.

5.  At the Dtrace prompt (DT>) type V or View.

6.  Record the Id number beside the service or services that are failing.

7. Use the following command to set Dtrace for logging against a specific service.
set servicename_or_ID level 

For example, if running a Dtrace on the Admin Service and the ID is 1, then the syntax would be:
set 1 v 

8. Repeat for as many separate processes as required.

9. Use the following command to specify the log file name:
log tracelog.log 

Note: A path can also be entered for the location of the file. If only a file name is provided, the location of the trace file will be the directory from which Dtrace has been run.

10. Minimize the command prompt window, but do not close.

11. Reproduce the issue or wait until the issue reoccurs

12. Maximize the window, at the DT prompt, type quit. Type y to disable all tracing.

13. Collect the log file and send it to Symantec support.

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