Script to enable VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) 5.2 on Windows XP SP2

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Script to enable VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) 5.2 on Windows XP SP2


What is included in the StorageCentral 5.2 Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) patch?

StorageCentral 5.2 requires specific changes to a system running Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 in order to run properly. The attached script "SC5.2-XPSP2.cmd" will make the required modifications to enable the StorageCentral agents and/or Collector on Windows XP SP2.

Patch installation

To install the script, follow these steps:

1.  Log in as administrator
2.  Download the attached .zip file
3.  Unzip the file SC5.2-XPSP2.cmd
4.  Run the SC5.2-XPSP2.cmd script from the command line

Notes on installing the patch

The directory path for StorageCentral must be C:\Program Files\Veritas\StorageCentral.  If the path to StorageCentral is different, modify the path in the script file before executing it

This patch is only needed on systems running the StorageCentral agents or report collector.  It is not required on clients to view reports.

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