Suddenly unable to authenticate to any Carbon Copy Agent

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When trying to remote control a machine with Carbon Copy, you are continuously prompted for login credentials. This occurs when no configuration changes have been made to Carbon Copy.


  • Carbon Copy Solution 6.x
  • Configuration settings have already been confirmed to be correct on both the client and the server


This symptom may occur if the Active Directory security group(s) configured for Carbon Copy Authentication has been moved to another Container or Organizational Unit in AD or it has been deleted. Carbon Copy Solution references the absolute path to the Security Group in AD, so if its path has changed then Carbon Copy will not be able to find the group during authentication.


1.  To check if the security group has been deleted or its location has changed, access the Carbon Copy Agent Settings page in the Altiris Console:

     Configuration> Solutions Settings> Incident Management> Carbon Copy> Carbon Copy Agent Configuration> All Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 computers> Authentication

2a.  If the group has been deleted, it will appear as just an icon with no text under Active groups or profiles:


If this is the case, select this invalid reference and choose Remove then add a new valid group

2b.  If the group appears to be valid, click Add Group... and locate then add the exact same group that is already listed under Active groups or profiles:

3.  If you are able to add the group again, then the location of the group in AD has changed:


4.  Remove the old (invalid) entry of the security group and keep the new (valid) entry and click Apply

5.  Once the Altiris Agents have updated their configuration, you will be able to successfully authenticate to the Carbon Copy Agents

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