VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) 5.2 - File Blocking Signature Update Utility

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VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) 5.2 - File Blocking Signature Update Utility


Signature Update Utility
Copyright (C) 1996-2003 VERITAS Software Corp.

The VERITAS StorageCentral 5.2 Signature Update Utility will install the latest file blocking signatures for StorageCentral.

Duplicate signatures

There are a number of files which have multiple signatures. Ensure these are represented correctly in the Authorized/Unauthorized lists in the appropriate file groups. File with multiple signatures are:

MP3 - (*.mp3, *.mp33, *.mp3a, *.mp3b)
CAB - (*.cab, *.caba)
TIF - (*.tif, *.tifa)
TIFF - (*.tiff, *.tiffa)

New signatures by file group

Email Files

Backup and archive

Cursor and icon files

Graphic files

Media files

File types not represented in default file groups
*.api - Unknown
*.cdr - Unknown
*.chm - Help File

Installation instructions

1. Unzip all the files into a directory

2. Run UpdSig.exe. UpdSig.exe will find the latest signature file in the same directory and update the signatures in the registry.

3. After the installation is completed, you may delete the files unpacked in step 1.

*** Notes as of April 15th, 2005 ***
1. Updated signatures to match that of 5.3 Hotfix 02

*** Notes as of February 27th, 2004 ***
1. An updated signature for Microsoft Excel and Word files (.xls & .doc).
2. Removed the signature for MSG files. That signature clashed with many of the Microsoft Office signatures.

*** Notes as of December 2nd, 2003 ***
1. An updated signature for Microsoft Excel files (.xls)

*** Notes as of August 7th, 2003 ***
Log File

In the StorageCentral bin directory,  a log file, called UpdSig.log, contains all the changes made to the signatures as a result of running step 2 above. Please review the UpdSig.log file to see what new signatures have been created.

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