KNOWN ISSUE: Cannot change Category, Priority, or Status after attaching a file to a new incident using Winuser console

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When creating an incident from the Winuser console, you are unable to go back and change the Category, Priority, or Status after attaching a file.


Helpdesk Solution 6.0.308 (SP5)


An if statement inside of the ConsoleMyHDEditItem.ascx was not accounting for a new item.


A modified version of ConsoleMyHDEditItem.ascx has been created and attached to this article to address the issue. To implement the modified file:

  1. Browse to \Program Files\Altiris\Helpdesk\AeXHD\templates\ and backup ConsoleMyHDEditItem.ascx
  2. Download from this article, unzip the contents, and replace the original file in the templates folder

NOTE: These instructions assume that no customizations have already been made to the Winuser console.  For customers that have a custom.config pointing to a custom version of this file, the changes included in the modified template will need to be manually merged with your existing customizations. Below is the section of code that needs to be modified. The text in red reflects the code that needs to be added:

   Case "pvAttach"
       ' Stay on the same page if we're uploading or removing an upload
       if ControlID = "lbUpload" OrElse ControlID = "lbUploadRemove" then
           GetNextPage = CurrentPageID
       else if ControlID = "btnAttachOK"
           if Command("id") = "" or Command("id") = "new" then
               GetNextPage = "pvNewItem"
               GetNextPage = "pvComment"
           end if       
       end if
   End Select

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