VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) 5.2 QFE322002D - Driver Updates

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VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) 5.2 QFE322002D - Driver Updates


To which versions of VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) can this update be applied?

This hotfix can only be applied to the following versions of StorageCentral:

VERITAS StorageCentral 5.2.322 Service Pack 2

What issues does this hotfix resolve?

This hotfix resolves the following issues:
  • Memory leak in qafilter.sys
  • File Blocking Exclusion does not work
  • Compressed Files are slowing down system performance
  • IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL stop error 0x0a

Which files does this hotfix update?

After installing the hotfix, the attributes of the installed files will change as indicated in the table below. Note that the date and time are stored in Universal Time. When looking at the date and time of the files on the server where the hotfix was installed, they will be converted to local time. Use the Date and Time tool provided by Windows to determine the difference between universal time and local time.

StorageCentral Servers:
Under C:\Windows\System32\Drivers for Windows 2003 and Windows XP; C:\Winnt\System32\Drivers for Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0
File NameDateTimeVersionSize

How to install this hotfix:

This section provides the instructions necessary to install this hotfix for the Standard, Active Directory, and NetApp editions of StorageCentral.

Interactive Install
1. Shut down the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
2. Run Q322002D.exe
3. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard
4. Reboot the system

Silent Install
1. Create a batch file containing the following command: Q322002D.exe /s /v "/qn REBOOT="ReallySuppress""
2. Run the batch file
3. Reboot the system

How to uninstall this hotfix:

This section provides instructions for uninstalling StorageCentral 5.2 Q322002D.

Interactive Uninstall
1. Shut down the MMC
2. From the Control Panel double-click on Add/Remove Programs or Add or Remove programs. In XP and 2003 the item is "Add or Remove programs"
3. Find VERITAS StorageCentral 5.2 [Q322002D] in the list and click it
4. Click Remove.  The system asks you to confirm that you want to remove the QFE.
5. Click Yes to confirm you want to remove the QFE
6. Reboot the system

Silent Uninstall
1. Create a batch file containing the following single command: msiexec /x {0EBF92B9-ACF4-448E-89FF-67A2E4FD27A3} /qn REBOOT="ReallySuppress"
2. Run the batch file
3. Reboot the system


Q322002D_277415.exe (3.4 MBytes)

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DescriptionMemory leak in qafilter.sys

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