Hotfix 32: Controlling the Recovery Solution Agent System tray icon right-click options

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How do I show or hide the following Recovery Solution Agent System tray icon right-click options on a client computer with Recovery Solution Agent installed?

  • Snapshot
  • Register
  • Details
  • Events
  • Hide Icon
  • Progress
  • Update Partion
  • Options


This applies to Recovery Solution 6.2.2332 (SP1)

In order to control Recovery Solution Agent System Tray Icon right-click options, the attached AeXRSAgt.exe, AeXRSAView.exe, AgentRes.dll, and rnsmshl.dll need to be applied to the Recovery Solution Agent. They can be applied the following way:

  1. Stop the Recovery Solution Agent Service on the client computer.
  2. Browse to %Program Files%\Altiris\eXpress\Recovery Solution Agent folder on the client computer.
  3. Replace the old AeXRSAgt.exe, AeXRSAView.exe, AgentRes.dll and rnsmshl.dll with the new ones.
  4. Start the Recovery Solution Agent Service on the client computer.

In addition to the above binaries, the Recovery Solution Agent "SysTrayMenu_Restrictions" registry value allows to disable an item of systray icon menu. The value is 32-bit DWORD bitmask with following bits:

  • MenuRestriction_Snapshot      = 0,
  • MenuRestriction_Register      = 1,
  • MenuRestriction_Details       = 2,
  • MenuRestriction_Events        = 3,
  • MenuRestriction_HideIcon      = 4,
  • MenuRestriction_DunAgent      = 5,
  • MenuRestriction_Progress      = 6,
  • MenuRestriction_InitProgress  = 7,
  • MenuRestriction_UpdatePartion = 8,
  • MenuRestriction_Options       = 31

For instance, to disable all menu items except Options, Register, and Progress, use 0x13D value.
Note: InternetExplorer*'s context menu will not show the Snapshot option if manual backup right is disabled.

AeXRSAgt.exe, AeXRSAView.exe, AgentRes.dll, and rnsmshl.dll also need to be updated to the The needs to be updated so that new Recovery Agent installations will have the hotfix. It can be modified using ASPack.exe utility. More about ASPack.exe is available in article 24583.

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