Cannot delete resources like Software Packages or tasks because of dependencies set by the Software Portal.

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Deleting a software package fails due to its dependencies. The dependencies in this case are unexecuted software portal requests.


A Delete Item dialog appears indicating that "the item is being referenced by one or more other items. You must first delete these items or remove the dependencies before the selected item can be deleted."


NS 6.0 SP3 R6
SWD 6.1 SP3


When a software portal request is made, two software requests items are created that are "parents" to the original software package. Deleting this original package without removing the dependencies would orphan the software portal requests.


Click the link "Click here to display a reference dependency report for the selected item." on the dialog page, a "References on an Item" dialog page appears.
Once you highlighted all the items shown on this page,  you can right-click and select "Delete" from the drop-down menu to delete the items.

Note: If these are software requests, both items that reference the software request must be selected in order to get the "delete" option in the drop-down.


Below is a query that can be used to get a list of software requests that a package is dependent upon.
select distinct i5.guid,, i5.classguid from item i1
join itemreference i2 on i1.guid = i2.parentitemguid
--join item i3 on i2.childitemguid = i3.guid
join itemreference i4 on i2.childitemguid = i4.childitemguid
join item i5 on i4.parentitemguid = i5.guid
where = 'x014 - ISE 2007 Updates' and like 'software

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