VERITAS Storage Exec (tm) 5.3 - Hotfix 9

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VERITAS Storage Exec (tm) 5.3 - Hotfix 9


To which versions of VERITAS Storage Exec (tm) can this update be applied?

This hotfix can only be applied to the following versions of Storage Exec:

VERITAS Storage Exec 5.3 Build 2190 (English editions and Japanese editions)

What issues does this hotfix resolve?
  • Multiple system overflows in VERITAS Storage Exec Server ActiveX component
Which files does this hotfix update?

After installing the hotfix, the attributes of the installed files will change as indicated in the table below. Note that the date and time are stored in Universal Time. When looking at the date and time of the file(s) on the server where the hotfix was installed, they will be converted to local time. Use the Date and Time tool provided by Windows to determine the difference between universal time and local time.

Hotfix 9 updates the following files in addition to those files updated by Hotfix 1 through 8, thus making Hotfix 9 cumulative of all hotfixes through this release.
File NameDateTimeVersionSize KB
SEQASvr.exe8-31-0511:50 AM5.30.2190.9988
SEFileSvr.exe8-31-0511:50 AM5.30.2190.9152
SERptSvr.exe8-31-0511:50 AM5.30.2190.9260
SEFSSvr.exe8-31-0511:50 AM5.30.2190.9748
SERptGenU.dll 8-31-0511:50 AM5.30.2190.9 1,928

See the Related Documents section below for details on Hotfixes 1 through 8

How to install this hotfix:

1. Close Storage Exec if it's open
2. Run SE2190RHF9.exe (this is the default name of hotfix 9 when it is downloaded)
3. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard
4. A reboot of the system is required after installing this hotfix

Note: A prompt requesting a reboot may not be displayed, but a reboot is required.

How to uninstall this hotfix:
Once this hotfix has been installed,  it cannot be uninstalled without uninstalling the entire Storage Exec 5.3 application.


SE2190RHF9_277566.exe (32 MBytes)

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DescriptionMultiple System Overflows in Veritas Storage Exec Server ActiveX Component

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