Apple clients running the Darwin ADLAgent appear offline in the Deployment Server console

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The first time you install the ADLAgent (Linux or Mac) the client connects to the Deployment Solution console but then stays grayed out.


Deployment Solution 6.8–6.9


The Agent is receiving the wrong IP address of the Deployment Solution server from an AClient settings configuration being set incorrectly.


Verify the multicast value for the agent is set to MCast=false instead of MCast=true
/opt/altiris/deployment/adlagent/conf/adlagent.conf: #---------------------------------------------------------------------
#UseMCast - Specifies whether to use multicast to find a Deployment
#           server or make a connect directly to the Deployment server
#           using the specified IP port and address

# MCastAddr is the multicast group address to be used to find the
#   console (optional)
# MCastPort is the port number to use while multicasting (optional)
# TTL is the maximum number of hops to multicast through (optional)
# ServerName is the computer name of the server (optional)

# TcpAddr is the IP address of the console to connect to (optional)
# TcpPort is the IP port number of the console listening for
#   requests (optional)
# Note: Specifying these parameters will switch the ADLAgent to use
#   TCP to connect to the console. Change the IP address to the Deployment Server address

Use an editor such as vi to modify the following sections of the file



After saving these changes, restart the agent service using the following command:  sudo systemstarter restart adlagent

For further information on configuring the Darwin ADLAgent, including step-by-step instructions, refer to KB 45086.

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