PXE boot images don't work after DS Administrator password was changed.

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The DS Administrator  password was changed (and had ! at the beginning of the password) and the PXE boot images stopped working.


Getting the following error when PXE boots:


Changes the computer to the mac
Initializing tcp/ip via dhcp....
microsoft dos tcp/ip 1.0a
the command completed successfully
The password is invalid for \\DS_SERVER\express
Type the password for \\DS_SERVER\express


DS 6.8 build 206


The DS administrator password was changed and to have a ! at the beginning.

May have caused problems with being able to access the express share.


Created a local user account on the Deployment Server called PXEDOS and gave it administrator rights with full access to the Deployment eXpress share.


Edited the DOS PXE Boot image to use the new PXEDOS account for the security.


Booted a computer.... it was able to access the eXpress share and install the image.

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Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH39576

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