Best practice for Aclients 6.8-6.9 to refresh their connection with the Deployment Server

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How to force AClients to refresh their connections with the Deployment Server.


When the AClient drops its connection, go to Start > Control Panel > Altiris Deployment Server > Options > General. Check the option Reset Inactive client connections and set the schedule by clicking on Schedule. If you have a Router or Switch that Drops the connection based on Time-to-live (TTL) from the AClient, then it is best to set this 1 hour prior to the time set on the Routers or Switches.


If you have changed all the aclients Refresh connection to zero using the Remote agent installer (Article 4214) and you have WOL proxy aclients. Run the query below to find the aclients with this setting before you disable all your WOL.

The following query will return the Names and IP addresses of WOL Proxies.

-- SQL Query Begin
SELECT c.computer_name, d.ip_address
FROM aclient_prop a INNER JOIN
computer c ON a.computer_id = c.computer_id INNER JOIN
computer_display d ON a.computer_id = d.computer_id
WHERE a.wol_proxy = 1
-- SQL Query End

To verify the aclient have Refresh connection enable.

-- SQL Query Begin
SELECT computer_name
FROM aclient_prop a, computer c
WHERE a.use_hard_timeout = 1 AND a.computer_id = c.computer_id
-- SQL Query End

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