KNOWN ISSUE: Resource Associations may be appended rather than replaced when using Connector Solution

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When importing Resource Associations using Connector Solution, the associations in the data source may be appended to the existing associations rather than replacing the existing resource associations with the set from the data source.

For example, a computer, Computer1, is associated to a monitor, Monitor1, through the Associated Assets association type. You then create a data source pointing to a record set with the following rows:

ComputerName, AssociatedAssetName
Computer1, Monitor2
ComputerN, MonitorN

Next you create an import rule based on the above data source for the computer resource type and map the Associated Assets association type to the AssociatedAssetName column from the data source.

Executing the above import rule will leave Computer1 associated to both Monitor1 and Monitor2, which is incorrect. The correct result is to have Computer1 associated to Monitor2.


Connector Solution 6.5
CMDB Solution 6.5


This is caused by a flaw in the way Resource Associations are loaded by the spResourceAssociationsLoadData_Complete procedure.


Note: You must re-apply this workaround if you repair Connector Solution 6.5

Use the following steps to prevent this issue from occurring:

  1. Back up the Altiris database.
  2. Download the spResourceAssociationsLoadData_Complete.txt file from the right-hand pane of this article.
  3. Execute the code from the downloaded spResourceAssociationsLoadData_Complete.txt file against the Altiris database.
  4. Re-run the Connector import rules for the affected resources.

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