KNOWN ISSUE: When deploying an image, the status column reports 'Error -99 during imaging process'

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The Deployment Solution console reports error -99 when restoring an image.

There are three different instances of this error message.

  • First, when deploying an image, the 'Status' column reports 'Error -99 during imaging process'


  • Second, while trying to deploy a disk image from a secondary share point.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add "net use G: \\DS_server\share1" to startup.bat in WinPE 2.1.
  2. Create a share called "share1".
  3. Put an image file to "share1" called image.img.
  4. Create a distribute image job > Image file= G:\image.img > enable Disable image Path validation > enable Automatically perform configuration . . . > Preboot automation WinPE 2.1.
  • Third, there is a known issue where the Ghost file extension changes from .GHO to .IMG and must be set back.


  • NOTE: This problem has also been reported when running a Create Disk Image task.


Deployment Solution 6.9
WinPE 2.1 automation environment

Ghost deployment engine

RDeploy deployment engine


For the first case, the problem is that the path to the Ghost image file has a space in it. This causes the error 19010 ' "All arguments must be proceeded with a - or a /" 


The cause of the second instance is unknown at this time. 

Reviewing the RDeploy log rd.log shows the following:

Error description:
     Error opening the DS configuration file.
     (Note: DS configuration file: .\Temp\c5000042.cfg)

Possible causes:
     A file that was expected to exist does not exist.
     Data has been corrupted (e.g. in an image or on the network).

     Could be a hardware problem.


Possible resolutions:
     Make sure the file exists and is accessible.
     If the missing file is part of this program, reinstall the program.
     Repeat the operation to see if the problem occurs in the same manner again.
     Simplify the network by removing routers, etc. that might corrupt data.
     If a file is being read, recreate the file.

==================== Technical details ====================

Logfile = created Tue Apr 08 12:50:01 2008
  Build = RdeployT.exe 6.9 (8853)
Cmdline = F:\RDeploy\Windows\RdeployT.exe -noprompt -md -fg:\HPD220.img -mcint: -dsconfig:.\Temp\c5000042.cfg

Status = 191 (0xbf)
Source file = apps\rdeploy\appcfg.cpp
Line number = 799 (0x31f)
Stack trace = 0x409f32 0x409b3b 0x4024eb 0x401c40 0x40dc9d &Known=0x433490
Note = DS configuration file: .\Temp\c5000042.cfg
Imaging library revision = 8853 (win32-x86-release build, Fri Feb 22 19:30:12 2008)

It appears that rdeploy.exe is looking for a .cfg file that it can't find. However, the path specified for the location of the .cfg file appears valid.

  • There is a known issue with the Distribute Disk image Task. The file extension changes from .GHO to .IMG when modifying the job.

More specifically, this error is simply saying that rdeploy or ghost could not be called or write to the specified drive and is likely due to mapping or permissions issues.


For the first cause, either remove the space in the path to the Ghost image file, or add quotations to the tokenized destination in the 'Additional Parameters' field:

-clone,MODE=create,SRC=1,DST="%IMAGE_FILENAME%" -sure


For the second cause:

1. Check permissions of the eXpress share.

2. Try changing the mapping letter of the pre-boot to 'I' or something higher than 'F'


For the third cause: 

For the other cause, test another machine of the same hardware.




For the known issue with file extensions:  When you create a job with the Distribute Disk Image task, then select the GHO file to be deployed and save the task, everything will work properly. But, if you need to edit the task, to change a parameter (like the Sysprep field as an example), you will need to go back into the field where you specify the GHO file name and re-select it. Even if you do not touch that field, incorrectly, the Imaging Tool is being reset to RDeploy, but retains the Ghost image information. The result is that when the job is deployed to a client computer, the command line will be for RDeploy.exe, but with the GHO filename. This of course will error out, many times with an "-99" error.

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