KNOWN ISSUE: 64-bit computers are not included in the Application Metering Install/Upgrade collection

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The 'Clients Requiring Application Metering Agent Install /Upgrade' collection does not include 64-bit computers.  When enabling the Application Metering install/upgrade task, the agent will not be deployed to 64-bit hardware.


Application Metering Solution 6.1


The SQL query that defines the collection prevents 64-bit computers from being identified for the Application Metering install/upgrade task.


This issue is being investigated by development.  

To workaround the issue, please follow these steps:

Clone and edit the "Clients Requiring Application Metering Agent Install/Upgrade" collection.
To add 64-bit machines to the collection, follow the steps below:

1. In the Altiris console, go to Configuration->Solution Settings->Software Management->Application Metering->Application Metering Agent Rollout.
2. Right-click on "Clients Requiring Application Metering Agent Install/Upgrade" and choose Clone.  Enter a new name and click on Ok.
3. Edit the new collection.
4. Expand the "Explicit Inclusions and Exclusions" section.
5. Click on "Select a collection" under Inclusions to add "All 64-bit Windows XP Computers" and "All 64-bit Windows Vista Computers"  and click Apply.
6. Finally, go to the Application Metering Agent Install/Upgrade policy and edit the "Applies to collections:" field to include the cloned collection.

Note: If the "Win32 Application Metering Agent Install/Upgrade" policy is configured to run on a recurring schedule, the computers in the two 64-bit inclusion collections will never drop out of the collection. As a consequence, 64-bit computers will run the policy at each scheduled interval. The better solution will be to modify the SQL query to look like the query below:

select Guid, name from vResourceex where 
   Guid in
   SELECT distinct r.Guid
   FROM vComputer r
   WHERE r.Guid IN
    -- Resources with AM Agent older then the current build, but also with a new 6.0 version of the Altiris Agent installed
    (SELECT CA1.[_ResourceGuid] FROM Inv_AeX_AC_Client_Agent CA1
    WHERE (CA1.[Agent Name] = 'Application Metering' AND (CA1.[Product Version] != '6.1.31' OR CA1.[Build Number] != '31'))
    OR (CA1.[Agent Name] = 'Altiris Agent')
    GROUP BY CA1.[_ResourceGuid]
    HAVING COUNT(DISTINCT CA1.[Agent Name]) > 1)
      r.Guid IN
      -- Resources without AM Agent installed, with 6.0 Altiris Agent and not a Server machine
      (SELECT distinct [_ResourceGuid] FROM Inv_AeX_AC_Client_Agent where [_ResourceGuid] not in
          (SELECT CA2.[_ResourceGuid] FROM Inv_AeX_AC_Client_Agent CA2 WHERE CA2.[Agent Name] = 'Application Metering')
      AND [Agent Name] = 'Altiris Agent'
      AND isnull(r.[OS Name],'Professional') not like '%Edition%'
      AND isnull(r.[OS Name],'Professional') not like '%Server%')
   AND r.IsManaged=1
   --AND LOWER(r.[System Type]) like lower('%win32%')
   AND LOWER(r.[System Type]) like lower('%win%')

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