KNOWN ISSUE: Task Server agent registration does not work through a proxy

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Client computers with a proxy server configured and enabled on Internet Explorer* are unable to regiester with Task Server as the communications traffic is being sent to the proxy and being denied.

The Altiris Agent log shows:

<event date='May 23 14:44:43' severity='8' hostName='Host name' source='Client Task Agent' module='Client Task Agent.dll' process='AeXNSAgent.exe' pid='1024' thread='3064' tickCount='23041218' >
  <![CDATA[CTaskServerConnection::Register(): CAtrsHttpException exception, error = "An error was returned in the response", Http error = 407, at line 90
    re-throw at CAtrsAutoAuthenticateHttpRequest::ProcessResponse
    re-throw at CAtrsAutoAuthenticateHttpRequest::SendRequest
    re-throw at CClientTaskServerConn::UpdateCoordinationServerList
    re-throw at CClientTaskServerConn::Register]]></event>

 It was confirmed that:

  1. The Notification Server has the proxy settings correctly set.
  2. All other Altiris pages are no returning the error; manually testing postevent, getclientconfig, and createresource pages directly from Internet Explorer generated no errors in either the Proxy or the Altiris Agent logs.
  3. The Altiris Agent is using the proxy correctly as forcing an Update configuration via the Altiris Agent UI generated no errors in either the proxy or Altiris Agent logs.
  4. The Registry keys for the proxy settings are correctly set on the Altiris Agents (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Altiris\Communications\Proxy...).
  5. The above error only occurs when the task server policy "Agent configuration" is started by the agents (which by default is every 5 minutes). At this point you will see in the logs the error HTTP 407.
  6. The error is generated when trying to connect to any ClientTask page, though the biggest offender is GetClientTaskServers.aspx as all clients are trying to check for new tasks or configurations.
  7. Disabling the proxy setting in Internet Explorer allows the task agent to work correctly.


Notification Server 6.0 SP3 R7
Task Server 6.0


Task Server use in a proxy-configured environment is not functional at this time.


This is resolved in Task Server 6.0 SP2.

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