Why is Carbon Copy inventory data not current?

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The Carbon Copy agent authentication settings were changed some time ago, but the resource explorer is still showing the previously configured settings for one or more machines. Why is Carbon Copy inventory data not current?

Incidents in HelpDesk are being generated from the Computers without login security Notification Policy. The machines being reported have been confirmed locally to have login security enabled.


Carbon Copy agent inventory data is stored in the dbo.Inv_AeX_CC_Configuration table in the Notification Server database. This table is populated by AexCCInv.exe which resides, and is executed, on each machine where the Carbon Copy agent is installed.

There is a known defect where this executable does not run on a consistent basis, or does not run at all. This issue was identified after Carbon Copy Solution had been officially end-of-life, and therefore there is no available hotfix to address it.


Create a Windows client login script, Deployment Solution task, or Software Delivery task which calls on the following executable:

C:\Program Files\Altiris\Carbon Copy\AexCCInv.exe

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