NS Agent for Unix and Linux Package formats and installation commands

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What are the base package formats and installation methods for the UNIX Agent?



The Altiris Agent for UNIX and Linux is packaged in several formats depending on the operating system and platform requirements. For example, the Altiris Agent installation file format is RPM for Linux and BFF for AIX. 

The default location for the native package files on the NS is: \Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Unix\Agent\... There are separate subdirectories for each platform.




 File Type  Install Command  Related Commands
 Linux  rpm  rpm  
 AIX  bff, rpm  smit, rpm  installp
 HP-UX  depot  swinstall  swreg, swcopy, swlist
 Solaris  sol-sparc, sol-intel  pkgadd  pkginfo, pkgmk, pkgparam, pkgproto, pkgtrans, pkgrm














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