Can the Application Metering Worker security role enable, disable, and/or create Application Metering monitor policies?

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How can I configure the Application Metering Worker security role to allow members the ability to enable, disable, and/or create Application Metering monitor policies?


On the Application Metering Worker security role set up the groups you want included and make sure that these two items are enabled under Privileges:

- Create Application Metering Monitor Policy
- View Tasks Tab

NOTE: These are the minimum requirements to allow users to enable or disable monitor policies.

In addition to modifying the Privileges section, changes need to be made to the Security Role Manager. You can find a link to the security role manager under the General tab.

From there make sure Application Metering Worker role is selected along with the filter of "Tree > Tasks"

In the left pane where you see the policies select the pencil icon to edit it. Then select which tasks folders you want the security role to have access to. For example checking off the Application Metering Folder as a whole or just one of the individual ones under it.

After selecting an appropriate folder, you can select the permissions on the right-hand side of the screen. In this case, we need to locate the Altiris Task permissions header and check the Enable Policy option.

At this point, you should be able to log in under one of your accounts you applied the role and have the ability to Enable or Disable policies as well as create new ones.

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