KNOWN ISSUE: Unable to load Manage Applications page - SQL Timeout

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Unable to load Manage Applications page of the Application Control Solution

a.log report the following error with the following description:
Unexpected exception encountered while running a query.Report
"Summary of Win32 Executables" Summary of Win32 Executables. ( Unhandled
exception.  Type=Altiris.NS.StandardItems.Query.AeXSqlException Msg=Sql
error in query. Error: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: Timeout expired.  The
timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is
not responding.Sql CommandText:
               -- MAX ROWCOUNT
               SET ROWCOUNT 50000
               EXEC dbo.[spFIReport_SummaryWin32Executables]
@Collection='All Windows Computers with File Inventory Agent Installed',
@CompanyName='%', @ProductName='%', @ExeName=@param1, @CertName='%',
@TimeUnit=Day, @TimeValue=7, @culture = 'en-US'


Application Control Solution 6.1


The SQL server created an execution plan for the stored procedures used for this page that is much more costly than needed.  To some degree this issue is environmental as SQL's optimizer creates execution plans based on statistics, available indexes, and available resources on the SQL instance.  In some environments the same data executes in much shorting time frame, but in others takes a long time dumping lots of data into the tempdb.


This issue is resolved in Altiris Application Control 6.1 sp1 (see KB 45582)

For customer that cannot upgrade to sp1 here is other workaround.

The attached SQL command updates the stored procedures associated with this main stored procedures that is more optimized allowing SQL's optimizer to make a much better execution plan to get the same data.

To install these updated stored procedures, download the attached SQL file "spFIReport_SummaryWin32ExecutableAB-v2.sql", open it using SQL Server Management Studio (or SQL Query Analyzer for SQL 2000) connected to the Altiris database and Execute it.  

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