"Cannot load Dell BIOS file. BIOS file does not exist.” in Dell Client Manager 3.0

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When using the BIOS Update Task in Dell Client Manager 3.0, the error "Cannot load Dell BIOS file.  BIOS file does not exist." appears when attempting to upload a BIOS.exe or .hdr BIOS file through the Dell Management Console.


Dell Client Manager 3.0


There is a product defect in Dell Client Manager 3.0 in the method that the file is extracted.  This problem occurs both when accessing the Dell Management Console locally on the Notification Server or if it accessed remotely.

Currently, the NS application identity user must have rights to the location where the BIOS file is being accessed from.


This issue will be resolved in Dell Client Manager 3.0 SP1.

Currently the workaround to this issue is as follows:

1) If the Dell Management Console is running on the Notification Server locally, the selected file can be located anywhere as long as the configured application identity user has access rights to that location.

2) If the Dell Management Console is running on a remote machine, the BIOS file must be selected using a UNC path.  Also, that UNC path must also be accessible to the application identity user of the Notification Server.  Alternatively, a network drive path could be used if the same path is valid both on the remote computer and the Notification Server.  In this situation, the application identity user must still have rights to that location.

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