HotFix: Notification Server application identity change causes Recovery Solution Agent installation errors and can lockout Notification Server app.identity user account

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After Notification Server application identity change it is no longer possible to install Recovery Solution Agent via Web (error 25002. Unable to resolve the source path for file:

Notification Server application identity user account can be locked out.


This HotFix applies to Recovery Solution 6.2.2801 (SP3)

Recovery Server uses Notification Server Application identity to query cluster and keeps user account details in the Recovery Solution SQL database. If remote Recovery Server is offline application identity change cannot be propagated to server and later causes authentication issues.

In multiple Recovery Solution Cluster environment one offline Recovery Server effectively stops update of other clusters.

Attached HotFix (Altiris_RecoverySolution_6_2_SP3_KB44931.exe) will resolve the issue. This HotFix should be applied to the Notification Server.

Hot fix known issues:
  • Important: Reapply Notification Server application identity change if services were restarted to trigger Recovery Solution clusters update.
  • Windows 2000 server SP4 - it is not possible to see Hotfix KB44931 is installed because there is no 'Show updates' functionality exists.
  • Not possible to uninstall the hot fix on Windows 2000
  • It is not possible to uninstall the hot fix if Annual Upgrade Protection period is expired for Recovery Solution
  • In case of offline Recovery Server email notification "NS application identity update failed for these clusters due to unaccessible cluster database:***" will be sent.
    • The solution is to ensure remote server is online and re-apply Notification Solution application identity change
  • Applying the hot fix overwrites Recovery Solution Agent packages with default policy. New clients would not receive custom configuration during install, but later via Altiris Agent.
    • Workaround: Press Apply in Default Recovery Agent Settings to reapply policy in RS Agent package.

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